Long Island Iced Coffee

Long Island is one of the most popular summer cocktails. It looks like an iced tea, but it has all the taste and body of an alcoholic long drink. Today we will learn how to prepare a Long Island with a twist: We will replace Cola with a Cold Brew Coffee. Here is our Long Island Iced Coffee recipe.

Long Island Iced Coffee recipe

In a tumbler glass half-filled with ice cubes, pour one tablespoon of Tequila and one of Gin. Add two tablespoons of lemon juice and sugar syrup. Then, the final touch: fill the glass with a Cold Brew Coffee.

How to serve your Long Island Iced Coffee

Long Island Iced Coffee is a trending summer coffee drink and it is usually served “drink-in-a-jar” style. You can use old jam jars to surprise your friends with a stylish Long Island Iced Coffees just like they would find in a hipster café! Garnish with lime slices and mint leaves.

Very short history of Long Island

The classic Long Island Tea was invented in the United States in the 30′s, during prohibitionism. Selling alcohol was forbidden and smugglers had to find creative ways to sell alcoholics. In New York’s “speakeasies”, alcohol was laced with cola so that it would look like a simple iced tea: this is the origin of Long Island Iced Tea, an explosive alcoholic cocktail that looks just like a fresh iced tea.

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