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Today we teach you how to make coffee liqueur at home, using Italian espresso. This recipe is perfect for all the seasons: the ideal drink on a winter evening if you keep it out of the fridge, and the perfect ending for a dinner with friends on a hot summer day, if you serve it cold or “on the rocks”. Following our easy recipe you will learn how to make a creamy and not-too-strong coffee liqueur, perfect for any taste and ideal for garnishing cakes or muffins.

How to make coffee liqueur at home

Making coffee liqueur is very easy. All you need to make your coffee liqueur at home is 13 oz coffee, 13 oz alcohol, 17 oz sugar and 1 spoonful of cocoa powder. If you want, you can also add some orange peel or1 vanilla bean.


  • Make some good coffee. We recommend preparing a good Certified Italian espresso using an espresso machine or a stove-top coffee maker. In order to obtain 12 oz, you should make about 12 small espresso cups.
  • Pour the sugar into the boiling coffee and mix until it has melted.
  • Add the cocoa powder and, to your liking, some orange peel or one vanilla bean.
  • Wait for the coffee to get cold (about 30 minutes). Then take out the vanilla bean and add the alcohol.
  • Let rest for 2-3 days before filtering the liquid. Bottle in.

Your homemade coffee liqueur is ready! You should wait 1-2 weeks before tasting it. Like any other liqueur, the more it rests, the better it tastes.

Now you know how to make coffee liqueur. Enjoy it and drink responsibly!

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