Cold Brew Coffee is the trend of the summer. Loved by coffee addicts, Cold Brew is delicious and extraordinarily delicate. Learn how Cold Brew Coffee is made.

Toddy Coffee

Like all the coffee connoisseurs know, the extraction method strongly affects the final taste of the beverage: this is why, for example, a cup of espresso tastes so different compared to a filter coffee. Cold Brew Coffee, also known as Cold Press or Toddy Coffee, is a cold-extracted coffee invented in the 60′s. Making it is simple, but it will take from 3 to 12 hours before you can savor your Cold Brew Coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee recipe

Making Cold Brew Coffee is easy, but you will need a dedicated coffee maker, somewhere between a French Press and a Filter coffee maker. Fill the higher chamber with iced water. It will slowly drip through the filter. The lower chamber is a glass jug where the filtered coffee will drip. The perfect coffee blend for Cold Brew Coffee is a high quality Arabica, ground medium.

What does Cold Brew Coffee taste like?

Cold Brew Coffee contains less caffeine than regular coffee, non-astringent and less bitter. It allows to savor nuances that are usually lost at the high temperatures of the other methods. It also can be stored for a long time, this is why it’s perfect for homemade summer drinks, like coffee cocktails or iced cappuccino. Cold Brew Coffee is a great way to treat yourself with a delicious coffee in the hot days of summer. You just need to be very patient!

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