Coffee drinkers live longer

Coffee is good for your health and it makes you live longer – it can even save your life. A curious experiment conducted by Gustav III of Sweden in the end of the 18th century proves it.

The experiment of Gustav III of Sweden

In Sweden, coffee became fashionable during the 18th century and its consume became so wide that a royal edict was issued in 1746 in order to limit the abuse of coffee and tea. During the following years, coffee was banned in the whole nation because it was believed to be harmful.

To verify the negative health effects of coffee, king Gustav III conducted an original experiment. He used two identical twins who were imprisoned and condemned to death. He commuted their sentence to life imprisonment and made one of them drink three cups of coffee every day and the other one three cups of tea every day for the rest of their lives, while a team of doctors followed their health status.

Coffee drinkers live longer

The results of the experiment were surprising: the twins lived longer than the physicians who supervised the study and than the king, who was murdered in 1792 before the experiment had ended. The twin who drank tea every day lived until age 83, which was a rare goal to reach back then. The coffee drinking twin lived even longer, but the details about his death are not known.

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Long live coffee!

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