Homemade chocolate ice cubes How about turning a simple, tasteless ice cube into a special ingredient for a delicious, refreshing summer drink? Today we teach you a simple way to make tasty ice cubes starting from pure cocoa. Stun your guests with an original and exotic suprirse!

Chocolate ice cubes recipe

Making chocolate ice cubes at home is really quick and easy: they are simple homemade ice cubes, but instead of water we are going to use a chocolate syrup. First of all, pour 15 oz of water in a sauce pan and add 8 spoonfuls of sugar and 4 spoonfuls of cocoa. Of course, you can change the quantities to your liking, and you can obtain an even more original and delicate taste replacing sugar with rice or agave syrup. You can also try flavored cocoa powders for an even tastier result.

Let the infusion cool down and then leave it in your refrigerator for two hours. Filter your infusion and pour it into ice cubes molds. Then leave the molds in your freezer for a couple of hours. You can have fun using silicone molds of various shapes.

What you can do with your chocolate ice cubes

Chocolate ice cubes are the perfect ingredient for cocoa or cola cocktails like White Russian or Long Island iced coffee. You can also add them to a glass of cold milk for a super tasty summer break. If you want to explore all the tastes of coffee and chocolate, you can try them with a refined Cold Brew Coffee.   Have fun making your chocolate ice cubes!  

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