The secrets of Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is a fresh summer drink that is trending in the US and northern Europe. The story of Bubble Tea began in Taiwan more than 30 years ago. Today we tell you everything about its invention and we teach you how to prepare a tasty variation using Italian espresso coffee.

What is Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is a fresh drink made from flavored tea enriched with tapioca pearls. In the Asian tradition, Bubble Tea is prepared with green tea, black tea or Oolong, but many variations are served in the Western countries today: fruit Bubble Tea, coffee Bubble Tea, Bubble Tea with or without milk. Many Bubble Tea drinks are actually prepared without using any tea: they are fruit drinks with tapioca pearls or other sweet, chewy spheric candies.

The invention of Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea was invented in the 80′s by Liu Han-Chieh, owner of a tea house in Taichung, Taiwan. Liu Han-Chieh was inspired by the Japanese cold coffee and applied the idea to tea. In 1988 his Lin Hsiu Hui, who worked for Liu Han-Chieh’s tea house, had the idea of adding tapioca pearls to the iced tea.

Coffee Bubble Tea Recipe

Making a Coffee Bubble Tea (or Bubble Iced Coffee) is really easy. The first step for making any Bubble Tea is boiling the tapioca pearls in hot water for 5-10 minutes. You will find the tapioca pearls in Asian shops and markets.

To make our Coffee Bubble Tea, prepare a long espresso using a high-quality Italian blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee. In a tall cocktail glass, pour some ice cubes, a spoonful of sugar and two spoonfuls of boiled tapioca pearls. Add milk to your liking.

In Asian shops you may find Bubble Tea straws, larger than the regular straws to allow the passage of the tapioca pearls.

If you want to prepare other kinds of Bubble Tea, you will just have to replace coffee with your favorite variety of tea. Try with a good flavored tea or enrich a green or black tea with blended fresh fruit.

Enjoy your Bubble Tea!

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