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Is coffee good for your health? Everyone has heard – or made – this question many times. Now, after many researches, we have the answer: drinking coffee is healthy. Of course we are talking about the effects on healthy consumers, without any heart condition or high blood pressure. If you don’t have any of these issues, you can drink one coffee per day without any worries. Truth is, it will be good for you: here are 10 healthy reasons why you should drink coffee.

1. Drinking coffee is good for your memory

Drinking coffee has positive effects on memory. Thanks to the chlorogenic acid, that can be found in large amount in Robusta coffee beans, a cup of coffee will boost your memory. The brain becomes more receptive and archives information more easily. The boost may last several hours after consuming the coffee.

2. Drinking coffee is good for love

The stimulating effect of coffee can be great for your body before any kind of physical exercise. You should drink it before a workout, or maybe after a romantic dinner. Caffeine stimulates the body to produce adrenaline, makes the muscles become more agile, helps respiration and reduces the feeling of exhaustion.

3. Drinking coffee keeps you young

Coffee is rich in phenolic acids. They are natural antioxidants which can prevent fat deposits in arteries and fight free radicals, the first cause of cell aging. Some researches show that consuming a moderate amount of coffee can even help prevent Parkinson Disease and Type 2 Dyabetes.

4. Drinking coffee is good for you heart

Everyone knows that coffee can be harmful to people who suffer from cardiovascular disease, but science has proven that coffee DOESN’T increase the probability of contracting this kind of disease. Recent researches show that coffee can actually prevent heart conditions, since it eases the flow of blood.

5. Drinking coffee is good for your mood

A recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health proved that drinking two cups of coffee per day consistently fights depression and can even prevent suicides, thanks to the exhilarating effect caffeine has on the human brain. In other words, the scent of coffee can bring back the lust for life.

6. Drinking coffee helps maintain bowel regularity

The health benefits of coffee regard not only the brain, but also the bowel, in particular the contraction known as Peristalsis, helping an easy digestion and improving the bowel regularity. Drinking coffee at breakfast is an excellent ritual for your body’s natural cycle.

7. Drinking coffee is a remedy to headache

Coffee is a natural painkiller. It stimulates the production of endogenous morphines, which help reduce the feeling of pain and the ache caused by headache and migraine. Many think that coffee can’t be consumed after taking an aspirin: truth is, it is harmless and it can actually increase the medicine’s analgesic effects.

8. Drinking coffee helps you lose weight

Many wonder whether coffee helps lose weight or not. Data show that coffee helps burning excess calories and improves metabolism. This is why coffee – especially green coffee – is an ingredient in many dietary supplements. Coffee has a natural diuretic effect, which helps fight water retention, one of the causes of cellulite.

9. Drinking coffee is good for your liver

The fats contained in the coffee bean are rich in substances that help protect the liver’s cell from external actors and prevent issues linked to liver dysfunction. Coffee is a great natural digestive if consumed after a meal, since it helps the stomach, pancreas and intestine’s work. Another reason to follow the Italian example of drinking a good espresso after lunch.

10. Coffee fights loneliness

In Italy, coffee is a family ritual or a good excuse to go out and have an espresso in a café with friends. Drinking a coffee can be a motivator to spend time with other people and chat. This is another reason why coffee is a great natural antidepressant.

These are 10 healthy reasons why you should drink coffee. Keep in mind that you should not drink more than 3 cups of espresso per day, and coffee is not a substitute for a regular diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Now it’s time to go out and have a good coffee!

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